Software solution Features

Life Cycle Assessment
and Eco-Design of your Products

Conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for your products with just a few clicks, regardless of your industry

Identify eco-design opportunities to enhance your environmental and social performance

Integrate your products into the core of your climate strategy (Scope 3, SBTi) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRD)

Stay ahead of environmental labelling regulations

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Aperçu de l'outil ASKOR
Aperçu de l'outil ASKOR

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A seamlessly integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution to manage the environmental and social impact of your products

Product LCA

Analyze the environmental hotspots of your products.

Ensure the quality, traceability, and auditability of your results, in accordance with ISO 14004 standard.


Design your new products with a 360-degree view of their environmental impact.

Train your teams to understand environmental challenges and equip them to develop more environmentally responsible products.​

Climate Strategy

Refine the assessment of your Scope 3 and SBTi goals by linking the LCA of your products to your company's greenhouse gas emissions inventory (GHG).


ASKOR integrates into your IT ecosystem to assess all your products, thereby facilitating the utilization of results by your business teams.

Environmental Labelling

Anticipate French and European regulations: fashion and textiles, agri-food, cosmetics, furniture...

Environmental Communication

Evaluate the footprint of your products to meet the environmental information demands of your clients.

Showcase your most virtuous products in a scientific manner.

Social Footprints

Analyze the social impacts of your products and identify improvement levers. ​

Optimize your environmental and social footprint
with ASKOR: key features and benefits

Speaking the language of your industry!



Textile & Fashion

Fragrances and Cosmetics


Health, Healthcare and Pharma

Mechanical Systems and Industry

Furniture & POS Display

Plastics and Composites

Point of Sale (POS)


Digital, IT Networks, Electronics

We support you from the beginning, and even afterwards!

The ASKOR database is the most
comprehensive on the market,
continuously updated

We support you from the beginning, and even afterwards!

High-level cybersecurity and an IT and business hotline, close to your teams

A team of over 20 IT developers to tailor the solution to your needs

A team of consultants specialized in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-design within your industry

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We provide tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to your projects

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